Awesome Team | 2022 WSB Super Trip

Living the Dream

In 2022 WSB will embark on the long awaited return of the epic Super Trip. More info to come soon. You don’t want to miss this one!

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Are you ready for the return of the super trip? 2022 we will travel to Portugal and Spain.

Group 1 (Lisbon 10th - 14th May + Seville 14th - 17th May)

Group 2 (Seville 11th - 14th May + Lisbon 14th - 18th May)

Incentive Travel


Give yourself a chance

Qualification period: July - Dec 2021


Meet the minimum

Minimum 30k net base point and 10 base recruits ($900 reimbursement).


go beyond

Each additional 10k net base points qualifies for another $300 reimbursement, up to a maximum of $6,000 reimbursement.

amazing things you didn't know about Seville, Spain

What is the “real” Spain? A trip to Andalusia takes you through the cultural beating heart of the Iberian nation. Seville is the Spain of romance; of “La Furia”.