The Biggest Financial Literacy Event of the Year, G22 in Fort Worth, Texas! As such, please pay close attention to the following details:



1911 Montgomery St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

For parking, you may park at the YELLOW LOTS and the CHEVROLET garage. There will be NO “in and out” privileges, meaning once you leave the parking lot after paying, you will need to pay again. Please note the prices per day: Thursday is $15; Friday & Saturday are $20.

Seating Chart


(subject to change)

Thursday - July 21, 2022

*Qualification Period:

Feb 2022 – July 2022

  • Active TitanX roster (June – July 2022)
  • New MD+ since February 2022 to G22
  • MDs+ that do Blazing Blue or Giants Level 1 SMD Baseshop
  • Gas/CEO+

Photo Headshot:

  • CEO+, Green Jackets, and TitanX before and after leadership meeting



Friday - July 22, 2022 (Main Arena)

Saturday - July 23, 2022 (Main Arena)

*Awesome Team Lunch Special

Pick Up: Outside of Convention Center/TBD

Lunch Options: Chicken or Vegetarian Sandwiches

Note: Only qualifiers & people who have paid for lunch can get lunch from Awesome Team staff on this day.

**Awesome Team Dinner Special

Location: Fort Worth Axe Factory, 220 S Sylvania Ave, Unit 110, Fort Worth, TX 76111

Note: Only qualifiers can attend this event. Must be verified by Awesome Team staff.

  • Tickets & Bracelets
    • Get your food tickets & bracelets from your SMD
    • One food ticket & one bracelet per person

Sunday - July 24, 2022 (Breakout Meeting)

Upon arriving to registration, please have 2 things ready:

  1. Event barcode within confirmation email OR
  2. Photo ID with full name
Please note prohibited items will NOT be allowed in approved bags and will NOT be stored in the arena.
*Although not required, we recommend coming to the event with proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results, as establishments across the city may require them. 
*After receiving your wristband from registration, DO NOT CUT OFF or TAMPER with your WRISTBAND. All removed wristbands will be void, and you will be charged again to attend.
As this is a business meeting, children are not encouraged to attend.
As a reminder, our events are NON-REFUNDABLE. Any payments made are FINAL. Please reply to this email, or reach us at if further assistance is needed.

Finally, we want to specially thank our sponsors for contributing to this event! Make sure to visit them all at their booths/tables!


  • No pushing, shoving or running is allowed. conduct yourself in a business-like manner at all times. arrive to the meetings early to avoid disrupting the speaker. 
  • Please refrain from engaging in unnecessary chatter or roaming around the meeting hall while general sessions are in progress as this may distract the speaker or your surrounding team members. 
  • Keep your phones on vibrate or silent mode.
  • Video recording and flash photography are strictly prohibited.
  • No saving seats.
  • Appropriate business attire should be worn at all times. 
  • While you are encouraged to be early, please refrain from camping outside the halls hours before the schedule. this might wear you out. save your energy so you can stay focused and take good notes during the sessions. 
  • Respect other WFG/WSB associates at all times. they are your business colleagues, after all. 
  • Respect the convention center and its staff. 
  • Attendees who do not conduct themselves professionally will be asked to leave and will not be given a refund for the admission fee. 
  • Wristbands must be worn for the entire duration of the event. lost or cut wristbands will not be replaced. 
  • If you have children traveling with you, please make baby-sitting arrangements if necessary and refrain from bringing them to the general sessions.